Still sending excel templates for suppliers to fill and send back?

No more managing 100's of excel sheets with supplier information for manual data entry later

Same emails for the same information wearing you down?

No longer do you have to spend hours each month emailing suppliers for udpated certifications or data

Approved supplier set up and maintenance in under 10 seconds

Simply enter a company name with an email contact, and let Procurem do the rest!

Do something else worth doing...
let Procurem take care of this!

With Procurem, repetitive and time-consuming activities related to

gathering supplier information are now automated.

Automated Information Updating

When the supplier database detects detiorating information, it automatically reaches out for an update.

Minimal Required Input

Start any new supplier in the system with only the company name, and the email address of the contact. Procurem does the rest.

Supplier Dashboard

View all your suppliers and sort by various columns including certificatons, approval status, and commodities sold.

Direct Email

Directly email any supplier right from the dashboard.

Contact Us

Let us know if you have ideas, feedback, or just want to say hi!

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Procurem is a complete management solution for finding, qualifying, and managing suppliers through quoting and part management.

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