Businesses are one of the most powerful agents we have to bring positive change in the world today.

They are a collection of resources & capital, skills & capabilities, people & ideologies.

As these collections grow, their potential to impact us and the people around us grows. Businesses have a great advantage in being agents of change to social issues, issues of justice, and matters of humanity.

What is required is a change in perspective - a new mindset on what business could be. From a formula or optimization problem to a powerful tool. We need to stop thinking of business in terms of money, and shift to thinking of it in terms of humanity - people.

People are the core of every business.

  • They own businesses
  • They buy from businesses
  • They work for businesses
  • They live near businesses
  • They talk and comment on businesses
  • They start businesses
  • They supply businesses
  • They invest in businesses

Without people, businesses lose their meaning. Humanity itself is central to their existence and meaning. Yet, despite this, they have been moved aside. Profits and prestige, brand and competition have been made more important.

Because of this, employees have been marginalized, environments destroyed, communities drained, happiness depleted, and personal meaning stripped. People have been treated like inputs into a profit maximization problem, rather than something far more complex and far more important.

Our Purpose

Our vision is to create a business that brings restoration. That puts people back in front. A business that must make money in order to operate, but has as its main objective the restoration of people & communities, the restoration of hope.

Profit is only one of the many objectives of a business. It is the objective followed by 99.9% of companies, but it is still only one of many options. A business can exist

  • to create jobs
  • to clean the environment
  • to restore a community
  • to train workers
  • to enhance the arts
  • to restore hope


We are creating Procurem as business with an alternative target, to maximize the restoration of hope and people. We will make a profit in the same way any business hires people or incurs expenses. Where many hire people in order to maximize profit, we will produce a profit in order to better restore hope and develop people.

What does restoration mean to us?

Restoration is not starting over.

Restoration is not pushing the reset.

To restore is take something that is broken, discarded, stressed, or aged - and to work it back to its prime and ideal state.


The single mom who can’t afford to attend college but needs a good job to provide for her kids.

The man who has faced life’s difficulties and can’t find an opportunity to start heading forward again.

The young person who is not from the “right” family or community, but had a dream which time and teacher has “adjusted” down over time.

These situations will drain you of hope, and a life without hope can seem worthless. Hope keeps you moving, its a dream of better days and ample resources. Hope is the possible.

When we don’t see any way out, and there seem to be no possibilities, we lose hope. This is what we want to restore for people. The hope that they can

  • get a well paying job to provide more than enough for their family
  • gain new skills that challenge them, and make them proud of themselves once again
  • achieve the person they know they are inside
  • redeem their past and show that they are contributors to society


Business as a connector of people in a complex relationships of employees, mentors, founders, customers, suppliers, and investors can be a powerful change agent in the lives of all it touches. Every decision that is made in a business, can be seen from how it will affect the bottom line, or how it will develop and affect the people involved.


The most powerful construct in our world - groups of people with common ideologies and beliefs, desires and goals. Communities.

Being part of a vibrant community can bring you joy and prosperity; while living in a forgotten place will do just the opposite. In order for communities of people to thrive, they need the right ingredients. These include

  • good wages that give people the ability to invest in themselves and the people around them
  • arts and culture to teach and inspire
  • jobs that challenge and grow
  • businesses that provide diversity and innovation
  • parks and leisure to bring rest and provide space for building relationships
  • events and activities that draw and engage
  • education that not only informs but challenges

Businesses, with their creative thought power, spending power, and location based attributes are perfect vehicles to bring about improvements in their communities.


When profit is the goal, all input are looked at in a cost - benefit framework; and usually with an extremely short-term bent.

Environmental issues, which can be initiated extremely easily but can take centuries to repair - or worse, be permanent - have an extremely negative risk skew.

Decisions can seem net positive in the short run while ignoring huge long term costs that would told the risk reward far to the other side. We must incorporate stewardship of our earth and long term imbalances in our business decisions.

Businesses, with their choice in vendors, materials, products, and supply chains can largely affect almost every environmental issue on the planet.


Overall, whether looking at human trafficking or the depletion of our earth’s forests, whether looking at the hopelessness of a single mom or considering the town which lost all their manufacturing 50 years ago - businesses are the best tool we have to bring change.

They are collections of talent. They are groups of people who can focus on a problem and bring alternative insights for synergistic breakthroughs and ideas.

They are full of capital and can put resources towards problems that would not otherwise be available.

They are in communities, and would benefit from better infrastructure, education, wages, jobs, and arts that community investment would bring.

They are in existence to serve and improve the lives of people. Some limit this to customers, but we can expand it to everyone.

The problem is, we can’t look at this as an investment a business makes - it must be its purpose, its vision. An investment is an allocation, a project. A purpose is the driving force that moves everyone at the company. It is sole mission. It sets the priorities and values for how decisions are made and capital is dispensed.

People and a restoration of their hope, their communities, and their environment is our purpose at Procurem.

What do we need to carry this out?

In order to make this a reality, we need people with the same heart to bring hope and freedom.

We need partners and employees who want to be part of something bigger than themselves or their dream. People that want to enable the dreams of others.

We need advisors who have the same heart and want to grow something different, something that can make a real impact on the world.

We need customers who believe in our vision and want to be part of the journey.

We need suppliers who would be proud to sell to a company like us, and are looking for a customer who will give more than just money for their services.

We need people

  • Who are touched when the mom gets a high paying job she deserves but couldn’t get.
  • Who think big, and love making a positive impact.
  • Who are humble about themselves, but proud of the wake they leave.
  • Who want to be challenged and want to challenge.
  • Who want to challenge the standard business practices and write the playbook for the business of the future.
  • Who believe that business can be so much more.

We need people who love the very idea of humanity and want to see it restored.

We need people who love people.

If this is something you would like to be part of in a big or small way, please reach out.