Work is broken...

We believe work is broken and the importance of people has taken a back seat. Our mission is to free the creative thought of individuals in companies around the globe. We hope to encourage a culture-shift through software, processes, and thought leadership.

We believe that people and communities are the most important part of life. Like an ecosystem, each has something to contribute to enrich our world. Our company prioritizes

  • the development and growth of our employee's personal lives over business
  • the enhancement of our industry and local communities over profits
  • the promise to serve and wow our customers over shareholder interests

The value of people and the communities that embody them are invaluable, especially when compared to business, money, and transactions.

Our firm represents these beliefs through our culture, our content, and our work. Procurem takes the repetitive and mind-numbing work out of gathering information from, and communicating with suppliers. We free up your time and energy to focus on those projects that will help you and your company.

Leave the monotony to us.

We are still in the Beta stage of this software with a limited number of firms using it. If you are interested in becoming one of these firms that has

  • early access
  • lifetime discounts
  • ability to shape its design and features

Then please sign up and shoot me an email. I would love to speak with you!