Modernize Your Operations

Modernize Your Operations

Bring your
company into the 21st century

Bring your
company into the 21st century

The Future

It is time to make some changes.

We help you accomplish more work with less time, money, and stress.


Utilize the latest technology without needing to understand anything about computers.


Use simple and free programs to automate up to 60% of your workflow.


Increase your ability to get and handle 100's of more customers

Feel like you are falling behind... or worse?

Don't risk losing Customers as they look for faster and more modern suppliers.

We design and implement ideas, processes, and software to help you do 10x more in half the time.

Changing Environment

Your customers are using software and technology to move forward, leaving you working harder and harder to keep up.

Rather than appearing overwhelmed, we help small and mid-sized companies implement new processes and technology.

Be your customer's hero, let us help.

Become the company that keeps you up at night

A company with better service, faster response, software for tracking deals, and fully automated processes and documentation might scare you... we'll help you become them.

Website & Email

We can create a basic website and custom email address as well maintain it each month, perform changes you need on a rolling basis, and pay all the monthly fees on your behalf.

1000s of Software Tools

We have a deep understanding of 1000s of software tools we can use to help you with your workflow from increasing speed to increasing your customer base.

Automate Everything

Did you know you can automate 60% of what you do on a daily basis with some very simple software. We have done it at 100s of companies already. Imagine if you had 60% more time on your hands.

More Customers

With small tweaks to your interaction with customers, we can impress them so much that your referrals will skyrocket.

Procurem has made simple changes that have totally changed my business. My customer's are calling impressed with my new business processes. Thanks to the Procurem team I now have a top notch website, automated customer outreach, and an appointment and billing system that manages itself. I can handle twice as many jobs in the same amount of time!

Ross Mcmanus from Mcmanus Gas


Choose Your Level

Different businesses need or want different levels of service, and we create custom packages depending on your desired interaction. We can manage a digital presence, upgrade your email, and create a public brand at level 1. On the other extreme we can automate your workflows, create custom software and transform how your business operates internally to allow you do more work that adds value.


Deep Dive

Our process and software engineers then take a deep dive into your company, workflows, market, and company goals to create a package that will increase your customers and ability to handle more while decreasing overall costs and contrainsts through automation and custom software.



Strategy Development

Once we have an idea of your company and where you want to take it, we develop a complete strategy and software package to take you from where you are to where you want to be.



The beautify of Procurem is that we don't leave you there. We implement and maintain everything we develop and build. There are no additional costs or plans you need. Once you hire Procurem, we take care of everything else for you.




Software today is in constant change. From email servers needing security updates, to websites needing to be changed - Procurem will maintain and update all of your services monthly to prevent issues in software or technology.

Why Procurem Outsourced IT?

We have worked and owned many industrial companies. Some made a few 100,000 per year, and some made as much as 20 million.

Through our experience, we have learned how to leverage technology to do more with less.

Resource Poor

Many small business owners are running in place trying to service their customers. There always seems to be too much to do, and not enough time or cash to get it done.

You know the answer is in new systems, software, and technologies, but you can't afford someone to focus on it, and definately don't have time to figure it out yourself.

For less than part-time help

Why hire someone, when for less than part-time help, and with no need for benefits and taxes, you can hire Procurem to give you a compelete, modern, profession overhaul to your business.

Give us a call. We ONLY accept customers we can help. So give us a call and see if it might be worth taking the next step.


Choose Your Plan

We offer three basic plans depending on how far you want to go.



  • Basic Website
  • Email
  • Low Level Automation
  • Monthly Consulting Call

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  • Everything in Starter
  • Compliant Servers & Email
  • Dynamic Software
  • Two Consulting Calls per Month

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Next Level


  • Everything in Maintainence
  • Full Automation Implementation
  • Custom Software
  • Four Consulting Calls per Month

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All fees are monthly and include:

All subscription and hosting fees that Procurem incurs as a result of delivering your services
Full implementation of any and all ideas you have. Nothing required on your part
Regular maintainence of all software and hosting provided
Server and domain maintaince as security and functional updates are released
Implementation of small changes to sites, emails, and workflows whenever you want