What you believe influences what you do

Your values dictate your actions

We understand it is important to know what your values or beliefs are. If you don’t purposely set them, they will be set by other people or other situations.

Every belief you have about yourself and the world around you, acts as a foundation to your worldview and how you operate and interact within it. If you believe that the world is getting worse and resources are running out - it may lead to self focus, preservation, and resource hoarding. If on the contrary you believe that the world is getting better and resources are becoming more abundant, you will tend be focused on contribution and others.

Getting even more specific, you can look at your values and their priority. If you value justice over progress, you will be inclined to help those you see as suffering an injustice. In the negative you will tend toward revenge and “serving justice”, even if it means a personal loss for you.

On the other hand, prioritizing growth over justice will lead to a more passive view of making sure the people “get what they deserve”, choosing instead to placate for the sake of moving onward and upward.

In short, setting values and understanding their priority is key in your personal life.

We believe it is even more important for a business. Values will dictate how almost every decision is made.

  • who do we hire?
  • what do we spend money on?
  • what do we do when we encounter a problem?
  • how do we act when a customer is wronged?
  • how do we allocate profits?
  • what is our benefit package?
  • how do we evaluate new investments?
  • how do we manage pollution?

Each and every decision is based on what is most important - profits, people, growth, brand, or something else.

For this reason, we wish to set and share our beliefs and values as follows:

Beliefs & Values

1. Humanity

People are paramount. This is the most important concept at Procurem. The fact that people come first is the foundation of every decision whether related to human resources, production design, or our service.

2. Community

Community is the construct through which the power and goodness of humanity is realized. We want to build communicates in our business, in our industry, in our geographic locations, and in our networks.

3. Uniqueness

Every person is completely unique in every way.

Individuals have different motivations, gifts and skills, ideal times of productivity, thought patterns, world-views, learning styles, approaches to problems, and more.

4. Contribution

As each person releases their uniqueness and gifts, communities are enhanced, and the world becomes an exponential better place.

5. Diversity

Because of the uniqueness of individuals, a diverse workplace is key to building a robust and long term platform. While diversity may lower growth, we believe that is offers higher eventual potential and greater anti-fragility.

6. Leadership

We are looking to be developers. Our core focus is to develop people including

  • employees
  • customers
  • suppliers
  • stakeholders
  • industry members
  • local communities

In short…

We believe every person is unique, beautiful, and has something to contribute to humanity. Our mission is to free people, develop communities, and enhance our city through a business which provides, invests, and creates.

In more practical terms, our core tenets outline how we think about and approach the day to day decisions.

Core Tenets

  1. Long-Term: We are in a marathon, not a sprint.
  2. Objective: Experimenters at heart, looking to remain objective
  3. Principle: Principles trump tactics, and truth trumps principles
  4. Investment: Return based thinking looking to compound and leverage
  5. Growth: We are a learning organization, adjusting rather than accomplishing
  6. Focus: 95% of life is distraction, we are looking for the 5%
  7. Discipline: Valuing simplicity and singleness
  8. Innovation: Looking for a better way
  9. Design: Design is part functionality, and part beauty, consider nature
  10. Integration: Work and life should be integrated, not balanced. We want to work with friends
  11. Transparency: If it needs to be hidden, it probably shouldn’t be done